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A Day In The Park

Friday 3 July 2009

When a tourist in Ashland mentions “the park”, 99 out of 100 they mean Lithia Park. It’s a big green trough, over 90 acres, from up in the hills and down to the Plaza. It was designed by the same guy who later designed Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

We spent the day there in our usual mode–me reading and napping, herself orbiting out to the local shops to see what’s new. It’s a good way to spend a day, or even an hour with lunch.

There’s a guy who hangs out in the park and plays the cello (sounds vaguely unsavory, but it’s harmless). I’m waiting for him to try 76 Trombones à la Jamie in that Mad About You episode. All part of what makes Ashland Ashland.

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