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The Calm Before The Storm

Sunday 13 December 2009

We were at our favorite Ashland breakfast/lunch restaurant–Morning Glory–for a late lunch today. In the summer, the close around 2PM; in winter, that falls back to 1:30PM.

Anyway. We arrive around 1PM and are seated immediately in a very sparsely occupied room. The number of staff almost equaled the number of diners. Good for us, odd for this place on Sunday at that time. The staff was sweeping up, having a sit at the counter, cook coming out of the kitchen, normal wind-down after-service stuff.

Shortly after we ordered, about 1:15, one of the waitresses said, “Here they come.” A mini-van and a sedan had just pulled into the driveway and started disgorging passengers.

After that it was like a bad joke–every few minutes until 1:45 or so, a new set of diners would enter. By 2PM, the place was almost full.

Service and food were excellent as usual, but you had to feel for the kitchen staff who thought they had an early day in the bag, only to be handed a new load.

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