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How’s The Weather?

Monday 25 January 2010

Herself tends to worry about Ashland when we’re not here, especially because we had a nasty scare during the freeze in mid-December.

So we now have (as long as the power stays up) a way to look at temperatures inside and out (iPhone page).

In case you’re wondering, the temperature (and sometime humidity) for certain rooms is shown below each label. The hardware is an Oregon Scientific ECO Clima Control unit (I take no blame for the goofy name), viewed through an ancient Apple iSight, and illuminated by a Logiix 20-LED USB light. What I really like about this is that the display is solar powered, or at least should be by its design and manual. But since it’s in a darkened room, I’m using an AC adapter instead.

Yes, this is such a hack, but I didn’t start the project until last Thursday and had to work with what Amazon could ship for Monday. So there.

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