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An Old Friend Renewed

Thursday 20 May 2010

It’s always sad when an old favorite loses its luster, as was the case with Il Giardino in the late 1990s. It had been one of our favorites for many years, but it changed ownership and went into a decline.

The location is now revitalized as Blue – Greek on Granite. Former fans of Il Giardino will recognize the decor, which has been freshened and turned east to Greece, but not gutted and overly changed. It remains comfortable and warm.

Food was very good. The dolmas, which we have only had as a cold appetizer, here are served warm in a lemon-butter sauce, just enough to lightly coat them. Oh, my, this is now our favorite way to eat dolmas! The spanakopita was also excellent, big pastries, very crisp and filled with warm spinach and cheese.

Herself had a scallop special served on an olive tapenade and bits of fried artichoke, with a row of asparagus. Very nice treatment, in that the tapenade complemented the scallops as an underlayment. I had the roast leg of lamb with roasted potatoes and spinach. The rareness was correct, and the potatoes excellent, but both the lamb and spinach were on the cool side. I am especially sensitive about cool food, so most diners would find it fine.

Service was excellent, attentive and prompt. The owner is vivacious and really makes her customers feel like part of the family.

We were happily sated, and so happy that Ashland has a worthy successor to the original Il Giardino.


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