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What’s On In Torquay

Thursday 20 May 2010

Not really Torquay, but that’s a favorite line from Fawlty Towers.

Wandering around town recently, we saw these things:

Il Giardino has been replaced by Blue – Greek on Granite. We tried it tonight and found it very good.

Motif: what’s the story here? Closed at lunch every day we’ve been by; is it in nightclub-only mode?

Palace Cafe: Closed for “some changes”. Peering into the interior is not revealing.

Mix: Their ice cream taste has considerably improved. It’s still fancy high-fallutin’ stuff; for something more home town American, go to Zoey’s up the street.

Allyson’s is advertising dinner in their cellar. Meal prices look on par for most the other restaurants downtown, and it looks like one can buy from their wine stocks at retail, which could be a huge advantage for them.

Turtle’s Beejie Hut: I may have the name wrong, and I think it’s changing anyway, but this is the kettle corn place next to the big ramp up to OSF from Main. Great stuff, perfect for a day in the park.

More later; it’s early in this trip.

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  1. cynthia permalink
    Friday 21 May 2010 8:14 AM

    i too liked the greek, though more for the owner and staff, the food was kind of mild, and i love all the blue. remember last year when all these new potentially exciting asian restaurants were going to launch? and thai pepper is still the restaurant of choice when the smoke clears.

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