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Crispy Skin Day

Sunday 26 December 2010

I have long maintained that Morning Glory is the best breakfast/lunch restaurant anywhere, not just in Ashland. This is based on years of looking for good corned beef hash, burgers, omelettes, etc., etc., etc. There are some good alternates if one is in Portland (The Original), Washington D.C. (Sunday brunch at The Willard; no longer offered, sadly), or San Francisco (brunch at Canteen).

Today Morning Glory firmly cemented their title with their rendering of crispy duck salad.

Now, that title might suggest something like a chicken salad, with a mound of various leafy greens, boneless/skinless(/tasteless) roasted chicken breast, and various add-ons to make one feel as though one is having a substantial meal. Note to Ashland diners: Larks‘ Asian Chicken Salad, back on the menu after a bitter absence, is excellent, and does not fall into the Chicken Salad Boredom dustbin. Nor does the Northwest Chicken Salad at Lela’s, which Herself orders as a salad with no bun, but that’s a salad of a different leaf.

Morning Glory’s duck salad is really two whole duck legs, with thighs, on the bone, crispy roasted as one might serve for a dinner entrée. That is then piled on a smallish heap of kale, which was itself sautéed in the duck fat, and the kale mixed with feta.



Crispy duck, then capturing the duck fat with a leafy green like kale, and serving it as a salad, is just so good. Sadly, it’s a special that is only rarely run (we haven’t seen it in over 10 years of going there).

Herself, queen of crispy skin duck, ordered her usual (bacon, glazed grapefruit, muffin; no pancake today). I was gracious enough to share, but it was an internal struggle–share, or not? I’m not into teachable moments, which used to be called (more honestly) “teaching a lesson”, so doing a big “loser!” at her was not in the cards.

The title of this post? Remember the St. Crispin’s day quote from Henry V? Here’s my bastardized version, for this meal:

And diners in Ashland now-a-bed
Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here,
And hold their palates cheap whiles any speaks
That dined with us upon crispy-skinned duck today.

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  1. cynthia permalink
    Sunday 26 December 2010 4:22 PM

    i’m glad you shared because I love Herself so much… and I too have many many times shared that internal struggle where I ordered something good and then just knew the person opposite me would gobble it all up despite my best warning that I didn’t want to share. I guess the teachable moment is for me to learn to share even when i don’t want to!

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