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Freaky Weird Badness

Thursday 7 April 2011

Have you ever seen a movie that made you shake your head in awe and disbelief at its cunningness, and then made you want to consume large amounts of liquor? Turns out that tonight’s last show, Silver Tongues, is one of those.

So, here’s the story, with few spoilers: a couple gets into the lives and minds of various people they meet, just to mess with them.

I really can’t say more than that without giving away major plot points. This movie kept me surprised at every turn–there was nothing predictable about it, except to know that more freaky weird badness was just around the next turn. As we were leaving, we were still coming up with plot points and complexities that had us wondering about what we had really seen.

No gore, lots of implied sex (but no nudity), physical violence, and graphic language, and an unbelievably high messes-with-your-head factor. Possibly one of the best films I’ve ever seen at the Festival.

When I score films, I like to hold the 1s and 5s for the real outliers. This was unquestionably 5 of 5; so far this is the show to see this year.


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