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Monday 11 April 2011

There’s a lot of radio energy in the world, a lot of which is generally regarded as noise. But beauty is in the eye, or antenna, of the beholder, in the film “Tuned In”. It’s about a man who builds his own very low frequency receivers and records the background noise that he picks up in the desert. An unusual avocation; see it if you can, it’s a very short short.

“Foreign Parts” is a slice of life, or maybe year-in-the-life, documentary about the about-to-vanish Willets Point neighborhood in New York. The focus is on a huge junkyard that’s also a collection of repair shops, where about 2,000 people work. But it’s being demolished to create thousands of new residences, a million square feet of retail space; generally a *huge* development. But is it right, or just a payoff to Bloomberg’s developer buddies, as is mentioned in the film?

Unfortunately, the film had no structure; it meanders through the junkyard like the dog that the camera follows at one point. We get no background on the individuals, they just speak without really informing. As a record of what will have been there, it may be fine, but it’s generally as inscrutable to the average viewer as a cuneiform tablet. Not recommended, sorry.

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