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R.I.P.: The Ice Cream Cone, 1904-2011

Friday 22 April 2011

You heard it here first: the conventional ice cream cone, that quintessential part of Americana (at least since the 1904 World’s Fair in Saint Louis, Missouri) has finally been supplanted, and here, in Ashland, Oregon.

The cone has had a good run. It’s a very good way to deliver ice cream in a mess-minimizing manner to the consumptor, and, at the time of its popularization in 1904, it served its purpose well.

But the cone, even the waffle cone, has always played second fiddle to the ice cream. Some would claim that this is a natural, Darwinian expression of the ice cream-based meme, but those of us who know the cone, who often find the ice cream merely the excuse to get the cone, know that this is not the zenith to which the cone can rise. We have even overturned our cones in fits of pique on a hot summer day, to hasten the alacrity with which we can enjoy the cone in all its spiny glory.

The new kid on the block is the waffle taco. You heard it here first: a regular waffle-cone round, formed into a taco shell “U”, and filled with ice cream. The first one ever served in Ashland is shown here, as presented by the courageous barista at Mix earlier this evening:

Now the cone has been placed on an equal footing to the ice cream. As in the savory taco before it, the wrapping is now as important as the filling. A bad taco shell is the downfall of many a Mexican meal; a great shell can raise it to greatness. And the hard “U”-shaped shell is as American as apple pie.

The cone, long the second bass fiddle in the orchestra of ice cream-based treats, is now an equal player. In one bite, one gets cone and cream, waffle and wadding. The crunchy casing is fully enmeshed with the sweetness of the cream in ways that were not possible with a cone.

As best as I know, your intrepid investigator was the First Ever (realm first!) to ingest a waffle taco at Mix, or possibly anywhere else (I hesitate to investigate to deeply; allow me, and the crew at Mix, the moment). And it was Excellent, for all the reasons stated above. With luck, they will implement this as a regular item; further, they will dip it in fresh chocolate to push the experience into the next level of bliss.

BTW, the inventor is known at Mix as Max; I think Max the Mix Master will be his new title. All hail!

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    Monday 9 May 2016 7:32 AM

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