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A Weekend Full of Stars

Saturday 24 March 2012

For any event more complicated than lunch, I tend to over-plan (some might even say I over-plan lunch). So the film festival, which lasts five days, gets a treatment worthy of a major amphibious assault.

Here’s the list of films we wound up with. Now, our criteria of what we’re looking for may not coincide with yours. Ashland being Ashland, which means a blue drop in a red pool/Berkeley Del Norte/the most liberal town in Southern Oregon, there is a decided left-wing bias to films that have a political message (several docs, a few features and shorts). We’re not into wallowing in problems (go do something!) So we try to avoid films about:

  • The wars. We’re against them (the wars, not the films). Our opinions are unlikely to be swayed even more against them than we already are.
  • Anything about healthcare, especially politics (no plan yet that is guaranteed accessible and affordable, and not tied to an employer? Pffft.)
  • Any film for which we think it won’t be entertaining or teach us something new. I know, I know–we can always learn something new from anything. An hour and a half to learn an obscure fact isn’t a good trade.
  • Almost anything sports-related, although we really enjoyed the film about the girls’ soccer team a few years back–very “miracle team” sort of story.

So, that being said, here’s what we are seeing this year:

Narratives (fiction):


Special events:

Our schedule this year is a little more favorable: nothing after the 6PM slot on Monday (and, realistically, we rarely make it past the 3PM slot anyway), and most shows starting around 10AM instead of 9AM. I haven’t done the food-math yet–the scheduling of when (and if) we get to eat in-between shows (Varsity management: hot dogs, please!)–I suspect that the schedule will not be favorable (thank goodness for Martolli’s!)

See you all on line!

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