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AIFF 2011, Day One: Mostly Cloudy with 100% Chance of Celluloid

Thursday 12 April 2012

Day one, film fans, and the weather is looking cloudy (April in Ashland: big surprise, not). At least it’s not raining at the moment.

There’s actually a very, very small chance of actual celluloid at the Festival this year. The Varsity recently converted to digital projection, so we’re all looking at bits and pixels instead of smears of die. It’s such a radical change–the images that are being projected now may never have had a true film step in the process, passing straight from the CCD imager in the camera to digital storage, through digital editing and post and written to hard drive (or DVD or Blu-ray, for indie films) before going to the pixel engine in the camera. The possibilities for image preservation are phenomenal.

At a more subtle level, it used to be the case that a human projectionist used to have to change reels; that was a big reason for the staggered start times in multiplexes (make one projectionist run from booth to booth to change the reels). But what I miss (a bit) is the little visible blips that would appear onscreen to alert the projectionist to an upcoming reel change. I seem to recall an episode of Columbo that used that as the hook to catch the villain.

Enough history, Our first film will be An Oversimplification of Her Beauty. Breakfast from Rogue Valley Roasting Co. down in the Railroad District and now upstairs at Yogurt Hut, movie, then lunch likely at Martolli’s before the 3PM slot.

More later, hope to see you all on line!

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