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Slower Moving Traffic Will Be Crushed And Melted

Thursday 12 April 2012

Our last film of the day was a documentary titled The Highest Pass, based on a real-life motorcycle transit of the world’s highest motorable pass.

Since this is a doc, the plot is not quite as much an issue; it’s somewhat out of the hands of the filmmaker if they are true to the documentary process. There is a bit of extraneous drama thrown in about one of the major participants that struck me as reaching to introduce a dramatic element; frankly, for most audience members, I suspect that the whole traversing the highest motorable pass in the world is enough tension for this film.

Several of the participants had that “I’m so cool” vibe that felt way, way out-of-place with a putatively spiritual and emotional voyage. The scenes shot of the group staring down, into the skyward-pointed camera lens, felt more like something out of WWF or The A-Team. Similarly, some of the music had that refrain-on-a-loop characteristic that’s I’ve complained about before.

It’s a generally okay film. If you get nauseated from camera motion, you want to avoid this; it’s largely handheld unsteady camerawork, taken from moving motorcycles, so lots of unsteady imagery.

If you missed it, it might be worth going to see, but if not, this is unlikely to be the life-changer for you.

Tomorrow, a full day of five blocks.

See you all on line!

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