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AIFF’13 Day 4: Scattering Rubbish

Sunday 7 April 2013

In Ashland, the euphemism “scattering rubbish” is used by the police to describe a number of illegal acts involving the public emission of certain bodily fluids and substances.

I mention this because, by some freak chance of scheduling, we had three films today in which a female character used the toilet on-screen, full body in view of the camera–covered, or at least fig-leafed enough to maintain a PG rating.

But seriously, what’s up with that? In Sparrows Dance, it was an integral part of the story; her toilet malfunctions, which leads to the rest of the action. In Buoy, it could have been replaced by any other action by the character to demonstrate a lack of interest in the conversation she is having on the telephone. In Congratulations it was used for comic relief.

Anyway, here’s the blocks from today:

9AM: Double-header of Sparrows Dance and My Name is Your First LoveMy Name was a cute piece about a young teen who falls, hard, for the older girl next door. Really liked this one, especially the reactions by the boy’s putative girl friend.

Sparrows Dance is right up there as one of my favorites this year. Quirky and a little weird, it’s about an agoraphobic woman who has not left her apartment in months. She has (as mentioned above) a plumbing emergency, and so needs to interact with the outside world. Great rom-com with a little freakiness for spice. Highly recommended.

Noon: Secret Screening. I can’t talk about this, other than to say it was a documentary that will have its official world premiere later, at another festival. Amazingly good, definitely one of the best docs I saw this year. Looking forward to seeing more from the same film makers.

3PM: Buoy and An Act of Revenge. An Act of Revenge is a guy-girl-girl-guy relationship piece. It was okay, but just so.

Buoy: I need someone to explain the draw of this. A woman has a long, long phone conversation with a man about their mutual past (a long, involved past relationship). The content of the conversation just wasn’t enough to draw me in. It didn’t have the novelty or interest of My Dinner with Andre.

6PM: Congratulations Excellent date-night rom-com-dram-rom with a guy, his intended (maybe), mother, best friend, and old girlfriend. Proposal gone wrong leads to relationship trouble. Nothing really novel here, but excellent acting and story. Very happy we went to see this, highly recommended.

9PM: The Moo Man This is one of those documentaries that hits all the right notes: relevant, excellent story, great subjects, beautiful cinematography, magical music. Made the point about the subject (loss of local farms) without getting preachy. May lead to a desire to open a dairy farm in rural Britain, or at least to drink a lot of milk. Highly recommended.

That’s all for tonight. Back at it again tomorrow. Save me the aisle seat!

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