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We Leave Town For A Few Days, And Look What Happens!

Wednesday 5 February 2014

So we were in Portland for a long weekend (notes to follow).

We get back, head to Lark’s for our not-infrequent Monday lunch. They had been closed the prior week for…something. We don’t know, we don’t care.

So we get in the door, and notice that the specials list, usually two soups, a salad or two, and a main or two, is just a soup and one salad. “Today is the first day of our new lunch menu,” says the hostess, “so we have no specials.” Ok, let the chef focus on the new stuff the first day of a new menu, get settled, etc. We’re good with that.

Table. Menus. Water. Review menu for changes.

No fried chicken.

Look again, must be a mistake.

No fried chicken.

Ask the waitress, “Is the fried chicken really gone?” “Yes, although it’s still on the dinner menu.”

Waitress leaves. Concerned looks between us.

“Do we bail?”

“No, that would be rude.”

“You can find something else?”

“Hmm, yes, I suppose the Caesar with chicken.”

“Ok, because we come here almost entirely because you love the fried chicken.”


I’ll leave it to you to puzzle out who said what, with the hint that Herself’s blog is called “Chickenfreak’s Obsessions”, one of which is fried chicken.

So we stayed, and had an adequate lunch (one Caesar with chicken, one trout salad). And while there is a wide selection of other dishes, and they had finally gotten around (after many years) to asking if one would like butter with one’s bread (used to just be olive oil unless one knew to ask), this will greatly diminish our lunches there. Probably to zero. The fried chicken was, for us, their signature dish, the anchor that pulled us in.

Looks like we’re heading elsewhere on Mondays. Luckily Amuse will be starting lunches later this year, and Taroko is also open on Mondays (along with others we haven’t been to in a while). And Smithfield’s has darn good fried chicken.

Change can be good. We can change; we can change where we eat.

Change what we eat? Don’t be absurd!

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  1. auntiemortem permalink
    Thursday 6 February 2014 9:44 AM

    The search is on for fried chicken! Have you exhausted all available avenues? Maybe you could suggest to the butcher shop and Amuse what they need to do for the perfect lunch! They would welcome your suggestion, esp from loyal customers.

    • Thursday 6 February 2014 10:09 AM

      I’m hoping Smithfield’s will open for lunch this season, as they have Known Good Fried Chicken. Butcher shop–ex-Boultons? We were never loyal customers there.


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