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Cinnamon, the Anti-Spice

Friday 23 January 2015

A big part of food is anticipation. You know (or think you know) what you’re about to eat, you look at it, smell it, and then, finally taste it. Your entire life to that point tells your brain “this is what it’s gonna be like”.

And then there’s cinnamon, lurking in a dish like the spoiler in a movie review, waiting for the unsuspecting eater to bite…and be disappointed. You wanted sweet! Or savory! Or umami! Anything but this nasty, acrid, don’t-want-it-in-my-mouth tree bark that may be the cause for 92% of holiday season stress. Think of it: you’re anticipating sweets and happiness and all things good going into the winter, and BAM! Cinnamon, the evil step-spice of the culinary world, comes back for its annual attack on our taste buds.

Thank goodness, ten more months until That Spice becomes fashionable again.


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  1. bamasteve permalink
    Saturday 24 January 2015 6:55 PM

    I love your blog but think you are dead wrong about Cinnamon. My wife and I enjoy sprinkling Cinnamon power into our coffee grounds before we brew. In addition, I buy Cinnamon condensed liquid and soak toothpicks and then use them to suck on them. You have clearly not given this spice it’s fair due.

    • Saturday 24 January 2015 9:13 PM

      No offense intended! I expect it’s like cilantro, The Devil Weed 🙂 you either like it or hate it.

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